Effective Marketing on Social Media Platforms

How many social media platforms are ideal?

Upon investigation from the Pew Research Center and the Content Marketing Institute, effective marketing was determined by the number of social media platforms that nonprofits utilize.


Infograph on Effective Marketing on Social Media Platforms


About cbuvid

Courtney Buvid is working towards an M.A. in Arts Management, expecting to graduate in May. As a child, she enjoyed dance classes, band, and theater, and pursued a B.A. in Music at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. She also worked in Human Resources and Management in a for-profit company. Enjoying both, she decided to fuse the two and pursue a degree in Arts Management. Courtney is interested in working in the fields of fundraising, finance, or special events within a music or dance organization. She looks forward to applying the skills from this class into the professional environment.

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