Wix.com The Website Builder

Wix Logo White. 2006. Online Image. Wix.com. Accessed April 17th 2015.

Wix.com is a cloud-based website development tool that allows users to create and edit HTML 5 web and mobile sites by using an online drag and drop tool. This program allows arts organizations to create and maintain a unique website. Wix is a freemium based business, earning revenue through paid premium upgrades. To remove ads and increase bandwidth, users need to sign up for a yearly plan ranging from $4.08/ month to the VIP which is $24.90/month. This tool is useful in many ways, unlike a blog a user can edit anything on the website and even change how the website would look when using a mobile device. Thanks to the drag and drop tool, anything on the website could be moved with the click of a button. Wix also has a wide variety of online apps that can be added directly to a webpage, including marketing tools, social apps, and apps that optimize the mobile pages. Wix provides hundreds of customizable website templates and users can also create their own design from scratch. The only down side for now is the inability to switch to a new template after one has already been chosen. Wix is very similar to WordPress  but allows the user to edit every aspect of the website, including a mobile site.

One example of what an organization could use this is the Riot House Records website. This website was taken from the “Get Inspired” page. The Riot House Records website is very unique and eye catching with a unique and customized look.


Another example is from a website for a band called Cover Art. Completely different than Riot House Records, this Band has snippets of music playing as soon as you enter the page showing the level of customization available.


About ithompso

Ian Thompson is a senior Music major with a minor in Arts Management. He has been playing the trumpet for 10 years. Ian hopes to go to grad school and get a masters in Arts Management and focus on fundraising and planning special events.

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