Instagram is a free social media app for Androids and iPhones that allows for an arts organization to post photos or videos and reach their audience. The app requires sign up, but that can be done using your Facebook account. The app can be linked to the organization’s Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Instagram allows for an organization to share photos or videos of behind the scene working, installations, exhibits, or other projects that they are working on to their audience. These post can allow more traffic to their organizations by using hashtags that would allow for their post to trend and reach a larger audience if someone is searching for those hashtags. This would allow them to show off more of a personality, allow for more audience engagement, and show the inner workings of an organization, whether they are showing off the set up for a new stage performance or showing photos of a new exhibit that is being built.

An example of Instagram being used to drive traffic would be the Renwick Gallery in Washington, D.C. Once attendees started to post photos of their visit at Renwick, attendance soar. However, could be problematic as well. Once the gallery started trending, the audience grew, but the art became secondary to just having evidence that someone attended.


Brent Ozar. Instagram 8. 4 December 2014. Flickr.

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