Expanding Access To The Arts

This infographic expands on a small part of the role social media can have on an organization.  When it comes to new technological uses in social media tools, arts organizations are benefiting greatly.  Through the use of large social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, arts organizations are provided with networking and outreach opportunities as well as possibilities to spread information about their organizations.  Within these platforms, arts organizations can use many different strategies in dispersing their information and networking hands to the public.  Through the use of these online platforms, arts organizations are able to show appreciation for their donors and volunteers while also engaging and sharing with the online public community.


There are many different Social Media platforms that arts organizations use to advocate for the arts and each organization's specific mission.  There are a stunning number of platforms out there to reach the public.  In a survey done of 1,202 arts organizations, 99% used Facebook as a social media platform.  Through the use of many different platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, organizations can build relationships and engage with the public as well as communicate within the art community.   
Popular Social Media platforms and strategies used by arts organizations.

About narcher

Natalie Archer, an Art and Visual Technology major at George Mason University, concentrates in photography and minors in Art Management. Photography has taken her to different locations, including Jamaica, where she worked with and photographed deaf youth. She has also worked with other photographers to document portraits of children and families involved with incarceration. She is currently pursuing an internship within the D.C. metro area and plans to graduate in fall 2017. Continuing with museum and art studies, Natalie plans to further her career in an archival or curatorial setting.

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