Media Usage in the Arts: The Effect of Digital Media on Music

The increase in availability and usage of technological devices has had an interesting effect on the music industry, and studies show how certain developments have shaped the culture in the U.S.  Nowadays, more people are using the internet and music streaming sites than ever before, and the economic and demographic evidence to support this shift is apparent in this infographic.  Also, it is allowing for a new platform for art creation, not just consumption.

Sources:, NEA New Media Report, IFPI

Media Usage in the Arts by Andrew String

About acstring

Andrew String is a sophomore percussion performance major with a minor in arts management at George Mason University. A native of Burke, Virginia, Andrew works for Fairfax County Public Schools as a substitute teacher and a marching band instructor for Lake Braddock Secondary School. He performed as a part of the Washburgh Timpani Seminar, Leigh Howard Stevens Marimba Seminar, National Symphony Orchestra Summer Institute, and PASIC in 2016. His primary teachers include John Kilkenny, Jonathan Rance, and Ed Asten. After graduating, Andrew plans on attending graduate school for percussion performance and arts administration.

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