Social Media and the Arts

If an arts organization utilizes new technologies and forms of social media in the right way, it can take their marketing to the next level. By using platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, an organization can reach a larger group of people as well as a more diverse group people supports, sometimes even from across the globe!  For each of these different platforms there are different strategies that the organization should use. For Example, you would not post to Facebook 12 times one day, because that is annoying to the target audience, however, you could turn those Facebook posts into tweets and that is proper usage of Twitter. Through the use of these various platforms an organization can show what the donors money is going towards, share testimonials from volunteers as well as someone who has experienced your organizations work first hand, and  thank those who have helped and supported your projects along the way, all while at the same time, advertising your brand.

Social Media in the Arts Graph
Infographic on Social Media in the Arts
Social Media and the arts should be connected throughout all aspects of fundraising.


About tteagle

Tyler Teagle is currently a senior pursuing a degree in Music with a minor in Arts Management at George Mason University. His future plans include attaining a graduate degree in Trumpet Performance, a doctorate degree in Jazz Pedagogy, and to then teach Jazz to students on the collegiate level . He is currently interning at George Mason University with the pep band the Green Machine, working with their marketing department. Outside of musical activities, Tyler enjoys running and playing basketball. An interesting fact about him, is that he is Bilingual, fluent in both English and Japanese

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