A thumbs up from Facebook

Facebook Analytics

Facebook Analytics is a tool built into Facebook which allows you to track the number of visitors, as well as a variety of other things, to your Facebook page. This tool is incredibly useful for arts organizations as it allows them to gauge and tweak, if needed, they’re social media presence, particularly on Facebook. Facebook analytics is included with Facebook and is therefore free. The most useful aspect of Facebook analytics is the depth and detail that is provided by the analytics. Facebook provides users with both overall and post-by-post statistics on their page. The number of statistics provided is astounding and nearly overwhelming. Thankfully, Facebook also provides the user with a much simpler interface as well as the back end, exported statistics that can be downloaded into an excel spreadsheet. The front end statistics are much more basic than these back end ones, however still offer some use. This tool is similar to a number of different analytical tools from other social media platforms, such as Pinterest’s analytics, Google analytics, and also Twitter analytics, however the depth provided by Facebook analytics is only rivaled by Google. Additionally, Facebook analytics is the best analytical tool for Facebook as it is provided by Facebook itself.


In all, Facebook analytics is an extremely useful tool for any arts professional who operates a Facebook page. The tool allows for an arts professional to plan a social media plan with ease and offers a myriad of statistics.

About wvinson55

Will Vinson, a senior at George Mason studying Conflict Analysis and arts management, works at the Torpedo Factory Art Center as an intern. He performs as a bass player with the GMU Indoor Drumline in his freetime, working towards WGI Finals in April.

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