Mautic is a marketing automation software that provides detailed contact tracking along with powerful contact nurturing tools to help an arts organization organize their marketing campaigns. Mautic can do social media marketing, contact management, email marketing, make forms, engage campaigns and make reports. Most important, Mautic is a totally free software.

Mautic automates the process of finding and nurturing contacts through landing pages and forms, sending email, text messages, web notifications, tracking social media, and integrating with your CRM and other systems. For example, when a new visitor comes to your organization’s website, an IP address is comes with the visitor together. Nothing more at the beginning, but you can get some basic geographic data. Visitors browse pages on your website, eventually landing on a special page with a call-to-action form. This form collects a few bits of information, such as name and email address. You may have a contact segment setup to capture these visitors and add them to a specific campaign. These campaigns will send emails, post on social media, and other actions based on either specific times or user interaction. This known visitor is gradually becoming a contact. As this contact completes various actions, you give them points. These points help you to weight your contacts and see which ones are hot. Once a contact earns a certain amount of points they are automatically moved into your CRM or other system. Now you have a list of contacts you can confidently know are ready to be directly contacted.

Above all, Mautic as a free marketing software can help arts organizations target audiences, send emails and make reports, etc. Mautic is easy to use and it is a good choice to help arts organizations to make their marketing process better.

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