What is WeChat?

Here is a brief introduction:


General introduction:

‘WeChat’ is the most popular phone app in China. It has very powerful functions which include: text messaging, hold-to-talk voice messaging, broadcast (one-to-many) messaging, video chat, video games, and share photographs and videos to other people, and location sharing. It also can add new friend via Bluetooth, scan the QR code, by other people’s recommendation. It also has machine translation service which makes people communicate in different languages.

In China, users can link their bank account information may to this app, so that they can pay bills, order goods and services; it also can transfer money to other users, and pay in stores if the stores have WeChat payment option.


Use for organization:

This APP is not only used by individual, but also can be used for companies or organizations for business or work.

  • WeChat for internal work: WeChat has an enterprise version used for companies. It helps employees separate work from private life. In addition to the usual chat features, the program lets companies and their employees keep track of annual leave days and expenses that need to be reimbursed, employees can ask for time off or even clock in to show they are at work. People can build a group chat that include your coworkers, also can use this do video chat and files transform.
  • we-chat-group-video-calls
    Group Video Chat
  • file-transfer
    File Transfer
  • WeChat for public promotion: Except individual social media, WeChat is also a great platform for companies, public organizations as their marketing tool. People can subscript an arts organization official account by searching or scanning QR code. The articles of public account, like other subscriptions, as in a specific period of time to push the contents to your WeChat page. Just like a mailman drop the daily newspaper into your smart phone. For instance, a museum can publish their exhibition information, artworks introduction or their lasts news for people who interested. When people click the page, they will find a blog-like page with several catalogues. Organizations can edit their own catalogues by their demand.


Example (The Metropolitan Museum of Art):

q 1_meitu_3

Overall, WeChat is a platform with unlimited potential, not only for individuals, but also for art organizations, and even all businesses. Through WeChat, art institutions can be targeted to provide the latest art information to the public; as subscribers, access to these messages becomes more easy, convenient and targeted.

If you have interest in WeChat and want to learn more, here are some videos on Youtube:



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