Arts Engagement by Internet Use

The impact of the internet on the arts is positive! People are able to buy tickets, research arts organizations, and sign-up for newsletters and subscriptions. In addition, Arts organizations can connect with their audience by streaming live shows and being on social media. Arts organizations believe the internet can work in their favor as well (78 percent polled believe that internet use and audience engagement is “VERY Important”). The world is changing and advancing and it is important for the arts to be able to change and advance with it!

Arts Engagement by Internet Use Infographic

About joshellisj

Hello! My name is Josh and I hope to learn about the different levels of incorporating technology within arts organizations, as well as proper/appropriate levels of incorporation. It is extremely important that the arts keep up with the social and technological changes being made in order to survive in this efficient and accessibility-heavy society. Technical background I have includes being the Electronics Crew Leader for the NCAA ranked #1 pep band in the country. We use speakers, satellites, a soundboard, and a plethora of cables. I am also a Christ Chapel Tech Intern in Woodbridge, Virginia. In addition to doing administrative work for the tech teams, I shadow the Technical Director, absorbing information. My arts organization background includes being an Usher Supervisor, Artist Services Assistant, and a Music Librarian. I am not too sure on what I want to do for a career, but I know I will have a basic understanding of things including Front of House, technical aspects, and administrative roles.

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