Keenan’s Practice Post… He like it.

I can type whatever I want?


I choose to type this.

Type what?


Kinda meta don’t you think?

No… I don’t.

…Now put a list.

What kind of list?

Anything dude this is a practice post!

Okay… Ummm.

  • Spaghetti 
  • Desk
  • Ruler
  • Stars
  • Lists

What are you doing?

Listing whatever I want.

Okay stop put a hyperlink instead.

Alright, this is a hyperlink.

Stop being so meta!

Stop telling me what to do!

What is that below us?

Me teasing you.

I didn’t tell you to do that. 

I am learning, everything I say and everything I do is more important than what you say or do.

You know block quotes?… Someone Help!!!

*Maniacal Laughing*

To be continued…

About gibsonkeenan

Greetings, this is the WordPress blog of me, Keenan Gibson. I am a second semester senior theater major from Milwaukee, Wisconsin with a minor in arts management. I am currently studying at George Mason University. Over the last ten years I have taken an interest in comedy, focusing primarily on Improvisation, stand-up, and Television humor. I love a good laugh.

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