Promote art organizations use of the electronic Media

With the development of science and technology, electronic media such as social media, E-Commerce and webs become an indispensable part of people’s lives. Although it is still a new phenomenon, but more and more Market research has been focused on the problem in the performing arts field. (Poellmann, 2013) In recent years, the expansion and use of mobile Internet and social media have changed music engagement (Bennett, 2012). However, many nonprofit organizations face the problem of using electronic media to marketing,communication with the audiences and get the important information. (Turrini, Soscia and Maulini,2011; Abuhamdieh and Kendall, 2007; Poellmann, 2013; Lee, Chen and Zhang,2001) In my infographic, I show some facts about what are the benefits of social media and web site in non-for-profit art organizations and what do they do with social media. In this new age of entertainment delivery, All the non-for-profit art organization need to have an online strategy.  The non-for-profit art organization can use of social media to analyze the audience’s feedback, or to solicit opinions from the audience; pay attention to of reputation management, to respond to the views of the audience on time; strengthen communication with the audience. In addition, the art organizations need to avoid the design of the web site is too complicated; through several incentives to encourage viewers to use the site to buy tickets or donations. Finally, the art organizations can also attract more viewers through the design of high quality web pages and add more web site features.


About wanyineileenzeng

Hello everyone! My name is Wanyin Zeng (Eileen). I’m an international student who from China. This is my second semester in Arts Management program at GMU. My bachelor’s degree is Arts Management which in performing art field. I have a strong interest in theater management and I hope it will be my future career. I expect the class of Technology in the Arts can help me to know those technical tools and how to use them to support the arts organizations.

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