Social Media Engagement

Social media engagement is important to people attending real live events in nonprofit organizations. According to the article Arts Organizations and Digital Technologies, the author shows an interesting thing that adults who connect to arts and cultural organizations through social media are more likely to attend events and exhibits than those who do not. (Thomson, 2013) Additionally, the article of Organizational Use of Social Media to Establish Trust supported this idea. It shows that social media offers a sense of trust to people via interacting with organizations. Therefore, the result suggests the organization values the relationship. (Sean D. Gibson, 2015)

key points of social media engagement of adults and social media developed sense of trust
This is an infographic of social media engagement.

About yanjingzhai

My name is Yanjing Zhai. I am going to graduate from arts management program next semester. I had work experiences in both China and America for supporting my future career in an art auction house. I am glad to be part of the class. Hope I can learn a digital tool in the class.

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