Established in 2009, ARTLAND is a free tool for art collectors to register and manage their collections. It is a social marketplace for the art world to make a connection between galleries and professional collectors. The mission of their team is to make art buying more accessible and promote development of art market. The vision of ARTLAND is to make art more accessible to a broader audience and to lower the barrier to enter the art market.

Logo of Artland
Logo of Artland

ARTLAND allows collectors getting connection with artists and galleries. Meanwhile, ARTLAND collects statistics and data of collectors based on their activities and purchase information. Most artists have certain galleries and collection featured. On the other hand, artists and collectors cannot sell their art work directly through ARTLAND. ARTLAND only allows galleries to sell art works. All art works sales are posted on Buy page. ARTLAND shows the city, name, phone numbers ,and price of selling art works for all of art galleries. Therefore, collectors and art lovers can see it clearly and buy it easily.

An example of ARTLAND being used to sell art works and to find collectors would be ASHES in New York City. ASHES gallery page has a gallerist at ASHES to manage and to be contacted. Viewers or buyers can contact them directly through ARTLAND. ASHES posted art works they want to sell currently but did not post prices. If buyers intend to buy, they can send a message to a gallerist to ask about price. In the meantime, ASHES has 17 artists that they featured. Therefore, viewers can get more information about these artists.

About yanjingzhai

My name is Yanjing Zhai. I am going to graduate from arts management program next semester. I had work experiences in both China and America for supporting my future career in an art auction house. I am glad to be part of the class. Hope I can learn a digital tool in the class.

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