ArtStack is a free social network for artists and people who are interested in art. It is also an art trading platform for people to discover, collect, share and purchase art. It seems like Pinterest, but more exclusively for visual art. ArtStack is available on a responsive website or through their app.

Homepage of ArtStack
This is the homepage of ArtStack. The page has a name called My Feed.

From a social aspect, users can follow artists, art galleries or other members, comment on artworks, add artworks to their own collections, and share them with followers as well as other social media. As an art trading platform, ArtStack allows members to upload artworks they have and sell them, not only artists or art galleries that have been invited. Usually, artworks on this platform are not extremely expensive for art lovers. The prices of artworks are around $100 to more than $10,000. However, without a login, users can only browse the artworks and check the price. The most important thing for artists and arts organizations is free commission. Artists just need to pay a Pro service fee every month which starts from $9.99. For Chinese users, it even has a Chinese version app

Buy Art page in ArtStack
This is a page in ArtStack for selling artworks

In 2015, Christie’s cooperated with ArtStack to launch a “crowd-sourced auction initiative”. The purpose of this unique initiative was to provide an opportunity for emerging artists to be included in an auction. Artists submitted their artworks to the online competition which was on the ArtStack’s website. Users voted for their favorite artworks. The most popular artworks would be included in the spring auction of Christie’s.

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