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Vimeo is a video sharing platform that was established by a group of filmmakers, but has become a much larger space for artists to create and observe work. Although there are many video platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo is geared towards all artists such as filmmakers, animation, music and several other artistic creators as a way for them to promote their work as well as view other works. Since the work presented is mainly professional, there is a stronger community of people that appreciate and pay attention to the content on the website, making it handy for arts organizations.

Vimeo offers features such as Enhancer, Video School, Music Store, Creative Commons Videos, and Tip Jar. Enhancer is a tool on Vimeo that will help you add a music track from its music catalog to any of your videos, and several can be used free of charge. Video School is a feature that is completely devoted to showing its users tutorials and lessons on how to create and perfect their content, whether you plan on being a professional film maker or not. The music store, which is readily available and abundant, allows users to browse through several music tracks available that can be used with the Enhancer tool to create better sound quality for your video. After all, nothing captures a viewer than a proper song choice. Creative Commons Videos is a section for specific users’ videos to be licensed, meaning you must go through them if you wish to use their content, which allows for networking as well as financial support.

For an arts organization, “tip jar” is a great way to receive small cash payments from viewers who wish to tip them in appreciation for their work. Along with “tip jar”, Vimeo offers different sub-sections that can categorize content to make it easily accessible to viewers. On top of categorizing your content, you can also apply “tags” to your video information which opens up a larger section of searches that may be applicable to your overall genre of dance. For instance, Pilobolus, a modern dance company, posts several videos of upcoming works they plan on doing, as well as previews of upcoming auditions by using tags such as “modern dance” and “audition”. As a dancer, it is a great way for me to get a sense of the audition process before attending the audition.


Here is how the Smithsonian Science Education Center has utilized Vimeo!


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