Chorus Connection

Chorus Connection is an on-line cloud-based website providing one-stop solution for choruses. By logging into choruses’ accounts on the website through PC or mobile, choruses can manage rehearsals, performances, music scores, attendance rates, and even internal communications with members, etc. Chorus Connection charges a fee under a variety of subscription plans. These subscription fees are charged to the chorus, not the individual users associated with the Chorus. A free trial is available for choruses to experience it first hand before making any decisions. Chorus managers, after setting up an account, send invitations to members via Chorus Connection for them to register. Chorus Connection acts as not only a management tool for choral managers, but also a social platform for members, board members, or other stakeholders for internal communication.

Homepage of Chorus Connection
Screen shot, Chorus Connection website,

Choral Connection is intuitive, user-friendly, and powerful.  Choruses can manage a membership directory, keep track of attendance, customize riser charts for different performances,  maintain group email lists, set up events such as rehearsal schedules or performances on a calendar, follow up on events RSVPs,  store and share music files on cloud. Washington Performing Arts is using Chorus Connection to manage their Men and Women of the Gospel Choir, sharing music files, communicating with members about dates and locations of events in a more efficient manner, keeping record of attendances – including RSVPs of small ensembles for special events, laying out riser charts for various performances based on different venues, music selections, voice sections and height of the members.

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