SignUpGenius is an online service where people can sign up to do things. For arts organizations, they can use this technology tool for volunteers to sign up, and also for duties for a fundraising event. When a performing arts organization such as ballet school, they can use this to sign up for what kind of food they were bringing to the monthly breakfast.

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  •  Different types of articles can be published by arts organization.

 Publication Events Type屏幕快照 2018-03-02 下午12.04.09.png

  • Clearly indicates the type of event to be published.

Arts organization can put the social event on SignUpGenius home page. For example, on SignUpGenius home page there have Resources& Tips, Blog, and Collect Money. Art organizations can depend on different recruit requires putting the article on it. Of course, art organizations can use this tool to recruit volunteers. When people see these requirements for themselves, they will contact the art organization based on the information left by the organization. I have a friend who works at Fairfax Choral Society. During our interview, she said that they use SignUpGenius to find volunteers; it accessible and useful.

An example of use SignUpGenius to get the benefit of art organization, which is Stanford University used SignUpGenius helps Stanford University Museum raise $250,000. According to the web, Volunteer Ticket Sales Chair Janet Tang said recruiting Year-after-year can be a challenge, but she was familiar with the technology, and the SignUpGenius gave her good feedback.


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