Social Tables: A Time Saver for Event Planers

Social Tables ( is an online graphic design tool for event planners which established in 2006 and based in Washington, DC. The purpose is to make event plans and helps planners and professional event coordinators to work more easily and efficiently.

Although social Tables needs to freely sign up online, they provide three levels of pricing plans which are free for essential users, $99 a month for professional users, and $399 a month for advanced users. The fabulous tool for advanced planers is 3D rendering which can review in 3D version and set up a walk-through beginning and ending at the main entrance.

screenshot of Social Tables

Diagram Design


The most attractive characteristic of Social Tables is that the event items are accurate, including stage and easel items for performance and visual arts organizations. Professional event coordinators not only can design indoor events, also can do outdoors. All objects can change sizes, and colors to make planers easily recognize them. What is interesting is that some items can change their styles to fit the event atmosphere. Another recommendation point is that Social Tables is like playing games which is very easy to operate. It suits people who are not sophisticated with Photoshop and other tools for designing events. All objects only need to drag the item image on where you want it to be placed. For whom does not have the floorplan to design the event, Social Tables has its own floorplan gallery that you sometimes do not need to search or ask the floorplan from others. For example, if a planner is planning a conference at Founders Hall at Arlington Campus, the floorplan is already reserved in their database.

Many arts organizations choose Social Tables as their event planning tool, such as Shakespeare Theater at Harman Arts Center, Minnesota Orchestra, Live Nation Special Events and FPC live. When the planner of Live Nation Special Event found diagramming abilities was challenging which was difficult to use the former application, they decided to partner with Social Tables. By using Social Tables, Live Nation Special Event successfully accommodated thousands of attendances from the House of Blues to the Fillmore Theater. Minnesota Orchestra Association uses Diagram, Sear/Check-in software, Convert, and Propose tools to execute conferences, weddings and meetings.

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Event Room Sets: Which are Most Popular with Social Tables Planners? –

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