Nowadays, the usage of technology is very important to the field of arts management.  In China, there is a new digital technology becoming popular among arts organizations: Taobao. It is reputed to hold an 80% share of China’s C2C market.

Taobao is a Chinese online shopping website funded by Alibaba in 2003, and it is similar to Amazon and eBay. They providing platforms for small business, entrepreneurs, and customers to open online stores, and their main market is Chinese-speaking regions. In 2016, Tmall (Taobao’s B2C platform) occupied 60% Chinese B2C Trading Platforms.

Back to arts management, a lot of Chinese arts organizations and companies have opened their online stores to sell the souvenirs and peripheral products. For instance, The Place Museum, the biggest and most popular museum in China, has opened their online store on Taobao, and draw a lot of attention, their peripheral products (The Palace Museum accessories products ) are very popular, it is not just an online store for customers, it gave customers audience the different impression of the Palace Museum. They have several pre-order products collaborating with other companies and famous bloggers. There is a limited-edition notebook product that the Palace Museum and a famous blogger co-design, and it sold out immediately when it available.

Another example is National Museum of China, they attract a lot of new audience especially young generation through their online shopping store on Taobao, because of their creative peripheral products related the collection. For example, the National Museum of China and L’OREAL PARIS jointly design a lipstick kit with traditional Chinese depiction 千秋绝艳图, which includes many famous, beautiful and talented ancient Chinese woman. This product sold out very quickly, and it popular on social media.

Beauties in History (千秋绝艳图)
"Beauty Limited Edition Gift Box - Sha Shen Yu" and "Yang Yuhuan
L’OREAL for the first time in cooperation with National Museum Chinese cross-border, and they launched limited edition lipstick box.
Tape of "Beauties in History"
Tape of “Beauties in History.”

Therefore, using Taobao to sell products is a good way to increase arts organization’s revenue. More importantly, it helps arts organizations to attract the audience, especially a young generation.  It is a good platform for publicizing and advertising.


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