Zec Zec Taiwan- 嘖嘖 台灣

Zec Zec Taiwan  is an online crowdfunding platform that helps creators fund their creative projects. It is a website that is similar to Kickstarter in the United States. Through the crowdfunding process, the artists or the art organization can get budget support. The slogan of Zec Zec website is “An online platform to help creators achieve their dreams.” Online crowdfunding became the popular funding tool in recent day. The title of Zec Zec clearly shows the main purpose of the website. Zec Zec provide the online crowdfunding experiences for creators in Taiwan. Zec Zec help creators an online platform to presenting the contents of the creative project, the original design and the creative works on the Internet.

The Image of Zec Zec Taiwan
Zec Zec Crowdfunding website from Taiwan

The project on Zec Zec is published to the public and helps the fundraising realization. Using website and online platform, people who support and purchase can help creators produce their projects through fundraising. Moreover, the process builds sponsorship between the project and the public. In Taiwan, crowdfunding refers to the project financing approach through individuals or small businesses which can raise money on the Internet on public platforms. Due to the rise of various crowdfunding websites in the recent years, Zec Zec uses their unique advantage that promotes crowdfunding investment as a promise to their sponsors. The project itself expresses a creative project to prove to the public and establish the brand reputation. The key to success for Zec Zec is to provide an online platform for creators who truly want to get involved.

In Taiwan, the target fundraising project focuses on music and social activities. An example of arts project on Zec Zec is “2018 Children Arts Festival in Changhua City by White Cube Studio.” The project will invite the local artists and Taiwanese traditional cultural arts creators producing the art works together. Through the collaborate, the artists can increase their brand reputation and help promote the art works into society. In addition, the targeted audience for this Festival is children and the purpose for the Festival is to help children get familiar with the traditional Taiwanese cultural and historical buildings. The festival will be presented from March 10 to April 30. A month long of crowdfunding projects attracted about 100 people to participated and fund $165,300 instead of the $100,000 expected goal. Zec Zec help the Childern Arts Festival achieve their goal and increase the number of audience’s review. Zec Zec not only benefit the fundraising side, but also help artists and creators at marketing process.

The crowdfunding tool is not popular in Taiwan, after the growth of Zec Zec, it became the significant and lead website to support the creators. Zec Zec provides performances, designs, and products for all the people that sponsor the program. It establishes credibility for crowdfunding, it creates awareness, generates prosperity, and provides an opportunity to make connection with prospective investors, suppliers, distributors and even the public participants who can provide relevant financial resources.

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