How to Use Live Broadcasting to Expand and Retain Audiences

Live Broadcasting is an effective tool for expanding adult audiences. Data collected by the NEA (2008) shows that adults participate in the arts through media. However, this population does not replace the live arts experience for an online one, rather, the later is simply a different experience. To reward arts media participants, organizations such as the National Theatre (London) and the Metropolitan Opera have screened live broadcasts of select performances, giving them an, “experience of artistic merit…not second-class” (David Sabel, National Theatre). The digital and live experiences of art should be of the highest quality and the success of live broadcasting makes this clear.

About eaddingt

My name is Elizabeth and I am a second semester Master's student. In 2018, I received my Bachelor's in Art History with a Theatre minor from James Madison University. I worked as a lighting technician and assistant stage manager in college and currently serve as a Museum Security Supervisor at the Phillips Collection. My passion for promoting a healthy lifestyle for arts professionals has stimulated my interest in Human Resources and also translates into my personal life.

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