Vertical Response

What is Vertical Response?

Vertical Response is a web-based email marketing campaign service that is geared for both large and small audiences. This tool allows arts organizations to create unique emails, surveys, and landing pages to connect with their audiences and subscribers. Vertical response has a free 60-day trial, but following that there are three pricing options, two of which operate on a sliding scale. They offer a basic and pro subscription which ranges from $11-$363. The Pro version offers more features such as A/B testing and additional information on the analytic reports. Individuals also have the option “Pay as you go” meaning paying for each email that is sent rather than pay for unlimited emails per month. Emails and surveys are created online via a computer through the Vertical Response email manager editing page. Vertical Response has roughly 30 templates for users to edit for their use as well as a “Create you Own” option. This system is most useful because it is easy to establish mailing lists and schedule emails, allowing administrators to write several emails at once and not have to go back and send them later. The system also has the option to schedule auto-follow-up emails to send to specific groups, such as those that didn’t open the first email.

Emily Johnson. “Screenshot of Final AMGT Class Email .” 19 February 2020. Vertical Response.

Arts organizations would benefit from using this system because it allows organizations to create well-designed email to share information and advertisements with their audiences. Ambassador Theater uses Vertical Response to manage their launch page and reach audiences through regular emails. Many private artists such as Mick McAndrews also use Vertical Response since it is an affordable resource to send email campaigns to audiences.

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