BAND – The App for Groups

By Kamron Rose

Band is a free app that helps groups communicate. it is available for IOS, Android, Mac, and PC. To use BAND, all you have to do is create an account and then you are free to create and join groups. BAND has multiple features both inside groups and in the main menu page designed to make communication easy and accessible. The app contains chat rooms, post feeds both for a single group and for all of your groups, and calendars for each of your individual groups. It encourages accessibility and transparency to the entire group when working on a project. The chat tab is an especially useful tool in the app. not only does the app automatically generate a chat with all of the members of your group in it, you can make separate smaller chats within the group or message members individually. This tool makes communication especially easy for groups of any size. Within BANDs notifications tab you are not only able to see notifications from your groups, but updates and events happening in the BAND world. This gives you a broader reach to what is possible with band.

BAND is similar in many ways to other group apps such as Basecamp and Slack. what makes BAND stick out compared to these are its extra features and fluidity in design. Not only is the app easy to navigate, it is also modern in its design which makes it appealing to users. BAND was established in 2013, making it a relatively new platform that continues to grow.

If you’re not sure if band is right for your group, band has its own blog site that provides information on why you should use band.

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