Google for Nonprofits

Google has created a free platform that helps nonprofits spread the word about their mission, engage new supporters, fundraise online, and manage their team. It would be great if all nonprofits would qualify; however, there are requirements that your nonprofit has to meet, and one of them is to be a 501 (c)(3) organization. If your organization was approved, you’d get access to the great tools listed below:

1- G Suite for Nonprofits: 

G Suite will help your team collaborate through Gmail, Docs, Calendar, and Hangout meet. Also, you can take advantage and link your domain to G Suite for free (i.e.

P.S.: For-profit businesses pay $5 a month per single email

2- Google Ad Grant:

 Google Ad Grant will attract donors, raise awareness, and recruit volunteers with in-kind advertising on Google Search, which will provide $10,000 every month for text ads for your nonprofit. Besides, it will increase traffic to your website. This google tool is handy for tracking your marketing efforts if you combine it with another FREE product, which is Google Analytics.

3- Youtube for Nonprofits: 

Youtube will help you reach their global audience (over a billion users). First, your organization will get access to Youtube’s Creator Academy, where they offer training for nonprofits. Second, you can shoot and edit your videos at YouTube’s global creator studios. After your video is ready to be published, Youtube will provide you with a Call to Action on your video and a DONATE button that can be linked to an external link. 

4- Google Earth:

If you are looking for creating ways to promote your nonprofit’s mission, then Google Earth is the way to do it. On the first hand, Google Earth will help show your organization’s impact on maps and tell your story through compelling visuals. Also, you can provide visitors with virtual tours through a 360 degrees photo. On the other hand, you can create a donor map that shows how contributions are making a difference in your community. One last reason to be on this tool is that you get credit to apply toward your usage as well as access to other Google maps related tools. 

Do you want to learn more about organizations like yours that used google tools successfully?

If you answered YES. Here are two art organizations that shared their success story:

1) Anaheim Ballet

2) Van Gogh Museum

If you answered NO. I hope you can get approved to take advantage of all these brilliant FREE tools! 

About Mariam Agha

My name is Mariam Agha. I am doing my Masters in Arts Management and this is my third semester at GMU. I got my bachelor's in Advertising and marketing at Notre Dame University in Lebanon. I am looking forward to learning about all the software that can help me throughout my journey as an Arts Manager. I am passionate about helping nonprofits and more specifically working in the healthcare system. I'm interested in integrating arts as healing in hospitals, clinics, schools, etc. I am hoping that “Technology in the Arts” will help me reach my audience faster and in a more efficient way.

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