On Cell

Oncell created in 2006 in New York, U.S. It is a technology tool that people could use to it create rich mobile App by themselves on the mobile devices. With the development of technology, more and more art organizations create their App for enhance customers experience and marketing strategy. People could log in to On Cell official website to build unique application. Following the instruction, customers choose the style and function of thier app easily and have the choice that pay for publish or not. The fee for publish an app is 199 per month or 399 per month. One interesting thing is when you log in to their website, the online marketing stuff always be there that you would chat with he or she, to give you some advices that how to use this platform.

On cell has some useful functions. It adapts in IOS, Android, and web-enabled devices. 18 languages customers could choose depends on their devices’ language. Because of the GPS-based alerts, people could make powerful map even create the route by themselves. Also, it has unique and charateristic style that looks nice for users. In my opinion, is unique function fot user is that On Cell is easily to use. This is a nice way for manager to create a unique app for arts organization.

To celebrate the reopening of their American Wing, the world-renowned Metropolitan Museum of Art teamed up with On Cell to develop an interactive mobile game called “Murder at the Met: An American Art Mystery”. The smartphone app leads visitors on an investigative journey through the Museum. In the game, the mysterious Madame X has been murdered! Sleuths must use their smartphones to explore museum objects and interview suspects and witnesses to discover who the killer was, the weapon that was used, where she was murdered, and why. It was a successful case that On Cell worked with a famous museum.

Follow the instruction, I tried to create a Chinese History Museum app. First of all, build it. That was s very interesting process. Because what I designed is an elementary app, so the process was like a game. I input the mission, open hour, site pictures, and admission. And then when I click “Preview”, I got that. (show in images)

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