Ticket Tailor

Ticket Tailor is an innovative app that aids business owners and professionals to create ticketed events simply, easily keep track of financials, and seamlessly check in patrons to any type of event. This tool makes attending and running an event easier than ever for patrons and organizers. Ticket Tailor is user-friendly for organizers because it keeps all the information in one easy to access place. The application formats reports communicating financials, attendance, and other logistics. On the patron side of things, buying tickets and checking into the event is easier than ever, with multiple avenues to sign in, either manually through name look up or scanning a personalized QR code for a seamless check in experience.

The great aspect of Ticket Tailor is one of their main goals is staying accessible and affordable. Ticket Tailor offers a free trial for organizations to try out their database and see if it will work for their needs. The starting price for using their application is 65 cents a month with flexible pricing and no contracts. The application offers many features, Promotions Management, Seating Maps, Concessions and Employee Management, are just a few examples of these features. Many reviews I looked over when doing my research claimed they made the switch from utilizing Eventbrite to using Ticket Tailor and most seemed extremely satisfied with the new and more advanced system. I think what sets Ticket Tailor ahead of other applications is its flexibility in many aspects, like tailoring to all age groups and technological savviness. All ages can use and understand Ticket Tailor when purchasing the ticket and attending the event, and the multiple avenues for checking a patron in can be useful with different age demographics.

Wolfbane Productions
Real Life Ticket Tailor Usage, embedded website below

Real Life Ticket Tailor Use

Above is a hyperlink to Wolfbane Productions website for ticketing, utilizing Ticket Tailor’s widget on their own organization’s website. This application is difficult to show real life examples of, as the administrative side of Ticket Tailor is only visible to the organization utilizing the program and the ticketing emails are only received when a ticket is purchased.

Gained from reviews of the application, examples of different types of organizations that utilize Ticket Tailor: Broadcast Media, Non-profit Organizations, Hospital and Healthcare, Events Services, Food & Beverage, Music, Insurance, Entertainment, Wellness and Fitness, Arts & Crafts, Education Management, Hospitality, Marketing and Advertising, Retail, Professional Training & Coaching, Human Resources

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