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Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter have effectively solidified its status as the prime place to promote content for any art organization.  To remain relevant, art organizations must be in tuned to their target audience and the best way to remain active in customer’s eyes.  These social media platforms have enabled arts organizations to expand their target audience, entice more audience engagement, and instantly give organizations complete control over how they are perceived to individuals viewing their organization.  Social media is the center of many people’s online life; therefore, arts organizations must make it an essential part of their brand. It’s a place for consumers to discover products, consume media, and connect with like-minded people.  It creates another outlet for these organizations to present their message, mission, vision, and value to get people to start conversations about them. Hootsuite is an incredibly powerful tool to utilize in order to directly connect with consumers, patrons, and customers.  With this tool organizations can build internal cultures, express the significance of their art, and open the organization’s awareness of their marketing strategy insights.  Using Hootsuite will unify the consumer’s experience with that organization and will allow all the departments to be on the same page.  Hootsuite is ultimately a perfect guide for any art organization to thrive from a social media, marketing standpoint. 

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