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GroupMe is a mobile messaging app that was founded in 2010 and is owned by Microsoft. It’s an app that you can access through downloading the mobile app, or through the online site on your computer. The signing up process is fairly simple, in which you can create your own account for the free app, or you can connect through your Facebook or Twitter. You are also able to sync both your mobile and Facebook contacts with the app. It has similar qualities of other group messaging apps, such as Facebook Messenger  and Slack , in that with GroupMe you are able to share text, documents, videos, web pages, etc. One of the biggest advantages this app has over Facebook messenger, for instance, is that even if you are not connected to internet, you can still send and receive messages through SMS. You also have to consider that data messaging is much cheaper then text messaging, so you also save money on fees if you choose to go that route.

The app also allows you to build as big a group and as many groups as you wish, while being able to either address the whole group, message smaller groups, or direct message individuals. You can also make conference calls to an entire group through one group number, and so you don’t need to keep track of potentially dozens of numbers and other codes. The ability to make multiple groups also allows organizations to divide up departments into their own groups.

This has been proven to very popular at music festivals, such as Coachella, where Internet access can be relatively stagnant. So even if a venue has terrible wifi, both staff and guests can communicate efficiently. I have personal experience with GroupMe as part of my participation in George Mason University’s Indoor Drum line, where we would share edits to our sheet music by linking dropbox files. It was also good for scheduling and sharing times/dates with the ensemble. This can serve members of arts organizations very well when planning and organizing special events and fundraisers.

Image of GroupMe sign-up page
Jerry Paffendorf. “GroupMe” March 3, 2012. Flickr

Arts Participation

It is often debated how much class vs. education plays into arts participation.  Some might consider that a liberal arts education will expose people to a wider variety of performance and visual art. According to studies, as exemplified in the “Taking Part” Survey, education is realized as the most important factor in determining participation. The survey showed that those with some college education are 24 percent more likely to use some type of media to participate within the arts. The survey also showed that a greater percentage of those with a college degree will attend live performances, more so than those without a college degree. Continue reading Arts Participation