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Frank “Dalton” Lamberth received a bachelor’s in Music from Northwestern Oklahoma State University. From 2011 to 2014, he worked there as Fine Arts assistant; getting a start in Fundraising, Tour Management, and PR & Marketing. His passion entails building up the image of performing arts groups, getting the general public psyched about performances, and attending concerts.


8334051647_3fb5b8611f_oBack in July of 2011, a few students from Stanford University launched a new app called Snapchat. This application allows users to take photos, record videos, add tests and drawings, and send them to other users. For photos and videos, the sender can allow up to 10 seconds for the receiver to view the “Snap,” after which the picture or video will no longer be viewable. One of their more recent updates includes the use of what they call “Snapchat Stories.” “Snapchat Stories” allows users to post photos or videos for everyone in their contacts list to see. These more semi-public Snaps are viewable up to 24 hours before they go away. Since launching, the app has gained a lot of popularity. In May of last year, Snapchat reported over 700 million photos being sent per day, and over 500 million photos added to “Snapchat Stories.”

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Digital Presence of USA vs. England

Hello! ‘allo!

Just some interesting statistics over how USA and England compare when looking at a digital presence. While main on-line presence is similar, the importance placed on fundraising online is vastly different. There are many reasons why this could be. One reason being an emphasis on fundraising values of the two different countries.

Infographic on Digital Presence in the Arts: USA vs. England
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