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Goldstar App

         Since 2002, Goldstar, the world’s biggest ticket booth, has provided more than 6 million members nationwide with an opportunity to buy half-price tickets to lots of shows and events. Goldstar combines new technology with a wide range of live entertainment options for one-of-a-kind ticketing experience. Especially, the Goldstar app is designed for smart phones, which means that numerous people can easily download the app for free and use it for searching event tickets at deeply discounted prices. I think that the Goldstar app is a compelling tool for arts organizations to market their show because a lot of people are becoming more used to using cell phones and are enjoying the convenient services. Audiences no longer go to a ticket office to buy a ticket these days. They want to buy a ticket without waiting in a line. The Goldstar app has several features that can satisfy them.


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          The app is free to download and gives users access to tickets for such live events as concerts, musicals, sports events, comedy events, nightclubs, and plenty more that is happening around users. The app not only saves users’ money, but also save users a lot of time searching for tickets by other means. People using the app can get event recommendations that are personalized, receive alerts when tickets go for sale, and take advantage of free and discounted tickets. So, users do not need to look around web sites to get information. The app helps users search by location, by date, by event type, or search on a specific event. Furthermore, users can read reviews on the show they want to see, get tips from other users, leave comments themselves, and even get directions to the venue through the app. I am sure that as technology develops, several new functions will be added to this app, so that it may replace all existing ticket system someday. Thus, arts organizations should actively set foot in the apps like the Goldstar in order to increase their ticket sales. To recap, It is safe to say that utilizing the Goldstar app is the most easiest and convenient way for both ticket buyers and suppliers.