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I am a sophomore Music Education major and Arts Management minor at George Mason University. Currently I'm working as a part-time usher at the Center for the Arts. I hope to teach in secondary school as a band director after graduation and be engaged in supporting local arts organizations and programs.



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Sponsorship Assets.” 2 April 2017. Shiftboard

Shiftboard is a software developed to help organizations manage their employees and workforce. Founded in 2002, Shiftboard has grown since and is now known for providing an efficient and effective way to schedule shifts in a shift-based workforce environment. The Shiftboard website states that it has supported over 160 million shifts being scheduled and $2 billion in wages earned. Continue reading Shiftboard

Connecting with the Arts by Social Media

Social media is considered to be an efficient way for arts organizations to get their names out and connect with people. This infographic shows how effective social media is to get people engaged with the arts. The graphs show how engagement in social media links to participation in the arts in real life.

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