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Constant Contact

Constant Contact logo
Constant Contact. “Constant Contact logo.svg.” 22 August 2019. Wikimedia Commons.

Constant Contact is a web-based email marketing tool. Its purpose is to help smaller businesses and organizations manage email lists and create professional mass marketing emails from its provided templates. Constant Contact is relatively in expensive with its base price being $20 a month, which gets you general email marketing capabilities such as templates, basic eCommerce abilities, open and clickthrough rates, and list segmentation among other things, and EMAIL PLUS, which costs $45 a month and provides additional capabilities such as A/B testing to maximize open rates and the ability to embed surveys, polls, and online donations. However, prices can vary based on the size of your email lists.

Arts organizations can use this tool to communicate upcoming events and promotions to patrons and subscribers. The Center for the Arts and the Hylton Center for the Performing Arts at George Mason University use Constant Contact for that express purpose. An example of a newsletter these organizations send out can be found here.  In this example, the Hylton Center is highlighting an upcoming event and providing the recipient with information on future performances at the Hylton and its sister venue, the Center for the Arts. Individual artists can use it for the same purpose, but the members of their lists might include fans who subscribed to it from the artist’s website or social media or previously bought a ticket to or attended one of their shows. Both arts organizations and artists can leverage the basic tools of pre-made templates and open and clickthrough rates.