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In-Depth Analysis for Facebook Page

LikeAlyzer is a free analysis tool produced by Meltwater, which provides companies and organizations with valuable tips and recommendations on how they can improve their presence on Facebook.

Users do not need to registrant or log in to use the arts tool. After put the company’s URL in the search engine on the LikeAlyzer’s homepage, it would come out the result that how well the company does in its Facebook page by analyzing the company performed in relation to other pages. The company’s page would be graded from 0-100. The higher the score, the better the page is. Suggestion for improvements on the company’s Facebook page are provided based on the analysis so that the company can see a glance what it do well, also pay attention to the areas it need to improve more. All the recommendations given by the LikeAlyzer is based on the metrics that it has found to be important – presence, dialogue, action and information.


Since not all companies achieve success on Facebook, Likealyzer passionate about marketing on Facebook by reaching out and developing a dialogue with its customers. Compare to a similar tool called Sprout Social which is a social media management tool has multiple features by analyzing different social miedia such as Facebook, Instagram and Twiter. Likealyzer is free to use. Also, LikeAlyzer has a single but deep function, and focuses on maximizing the use of Facebook.

It’s no surprise that arts organizations are making use of the new technologies to further their missions. I use the philips Collection which is a famous non-profit arts organization in DC as an example to do the Facebook analysis. The Philips Collection did well in the section of page information and page performance. However, it still need to pay attention the length and the time of the message that they post. Also, the Philips Collection should response its audiences more quick so that improve their customers engagement. In the end, the LikeAlyzer give some academic resource about how to build the engagement on Facebook.


In summary, I think LikeAlyzer is a smart and simple tool that teaches the companies and organizations how to build up their brand by well using Facebook.


How to Increase Audience Engagement


This infographic shows how to use Internet to increase audience engagement in non-profit arts organization. According to Pew Internet& American Life project’s arts organization survey, Internet plays an important role in achieving audience engagement. Therefore, by absorbing these three tips about website, rich media, and content syndication; arts organization could use Internet effectively to interact with their audiences so that improve the audience participation.

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