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“”. 3 March 2017.


The app I reviewed was a free app called Vampr. I had never heard of this app before, but approaching this assignment I wanted to research and discover an app that can help with collaboration between musicians. Through my research and testing of this app I found that the developer of the app, Josh Simons, developed this app to help speed up the networking process of musicians. This app helps speed that up because it puts a lot of the information you would want to know about an individual in one place. Josh Simons, says that his mission for this app is to “connect musicians of all genres with like-minded collaborators in any city around the world.” He wants the app to be able to connect all likeminded musicians to give everyone optimal opportunities.

The layout of the app was not what I expected when I first opened it. The layout and function of the app is similar to Tinder and dating apps like that. When you open the app a musician’s profile opens. First you see a picture of thePROFILE.pngm with their name, what they do, and what musical genres interest them. Then if you click on their profile it pops up with YouTube, or SoundCloud recordings of them performing, their bio and some of their favorite artist and styles. If you decide you are interested in collaborating with this musician you can swipe to on them pass or  swipe to connect with them. The Down fall is you must wait to see if they want to connect with you to message them. Not being able to message the artist without them matching with you is a weak spot in the app. For example, if an arts organization is looking for local musicians they could use this app to find local talent, but if they must wait for the other party to swipe on them this could lead to missed opportunities for the musician and the organization. If the developers updated that one function of the app I see a lot of potential for the app and I see it being very useful for arts organizations.



The Importance of the Internet in Arts Organizations

My infographic is talking about how arts organizations utilize the internet to help promote their organizations. The statistics indicate a few of the many ways arts organizations us the internet to their advantage. They use the internet to promote the community engagement and to inform the general public on what they organization is up to. One of the most interesting things was how they used the internet to collaborate with other organizations and artist locally and globally.

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