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Image of the YoPine Logo and Slogan
YoPine Logo. “YoPine Website” 15 March 2016. YoPine

YoPine is a creative and easy way to gather information from large groups of people near or far.  This is a social polling app that helps individuals and business make informed decisions faster. With this app you choose a graphic or image and create a question in which have two options. You can create a multiple-choice poll where you create four answers for people to choose from or a brainstorming session in which people can share their feedback. Both options can be answered via the app or if they do not have the app via text message and mobile website. This app was first created in 1776 and has since expanded its product by creating the functionality for *com, *ethos, *edu, *gov, and *crowd.

Image of App YoPine
Mendel.” YoPine Screen Shot” 12September 2014. GooglePlus.

            The *ethos product is perfect for non-profit organizations to receive member feedback. Arts organizations would benefit from an app like this because they could gather data for free. By using this YoPine they can directly interact with their target audience and receive feedback.   The ability to choose an image for your question makes this poll stimulating. You can match your question with a specific image that reflects your content. This app is also unique, because you only need people’s contact to send them the poll they do not have to have the app to receive the question. In an arts organization you can send this out to your patrons to see what genre of shows they would like to see at your theater or even if they like your new marketing brand. Ultimately this app creates an enjoyable way for the organization and its audience to connect.





Bringing Arts Into the Age of Social Media

              This infographic is created to show how arts organizations use social media. It starts off by showing you how many choose to use it to engage their audiences and how often the arts organization are utilizing them. By gathering this information I can show arts organizations how influential social media is to engaging their audience. I hope to influence at least one more arts organizations to employ a full time person to run their social media accounts after looking at this infographic.  The data for this infographic comes from the Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project and Arts Journal article   Social Media and the Arts: A groundbreaking new study.……

An infographic of arts organization & social media. Shows how arts organizations use their social media. How often in a day, Which platforms are used the most, and how many contain a full time employ to tend to social media.
Created by Kristen Coker