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ArtStack is a free social network for artists and people who are interested in art. It is also an art trading platform for people to discover, collect, share and purchase art. It seems like Pinterest, but more exclusively for visual art. ArtStack is available on a responsive website or through their app.

Homepage of ArtStack
This is the homepage of ArtStack. The page has a name called My Feed.

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The Importance of Mobile Accessibility in User Experience Design

No matter how much changes in network technologies and methodologies, user experience is a critical prerequisite for designing websites (Gube). Good user experience online will attract more users, and boost business for a company.

Today, more and more people have been accessing websites by using their mobile devices. However, a survey about mobile users’ demands from Think with Google indicated that most consumers have encountered sites which were not mobile-friendly sites. On the other hand, it also provided data to support the fact that mobile accessibility is important for a company when improving user experience. Continue reading The Importance of Mobile Accessibility in User Experience Design