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Maggie Rodgers is pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater Performance and a Minor in Arts Management at George Mason University. Her goal is to become knowledgable of both the administrative and performing aspects of theater. Maggie believes this class is beneficial because technology is advancing creating new ways to connect with larger audiences and expose new forms of creative expression.


Last week, I had the pleasure of discussing Tumblr and the advantages of using it as a social media platform for art organizations. Tumblr gives art organizations a way to connect to consumers on a more personal level.

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Corrado. “Tumblr”. June 14, 2013. Online image. flickr. April 18 2015

Tumblr is a free microblogging social media site that was founded by David Karp in 2007. As of March of 2015, Tumblr has 225.1 million blogs. Recently, Karp sold Tumblr to Yahoo for over a billion dollars. Yahoo has created deals with companies where they are able to advertise their brand on the site. Many Tumblr users were upset with this deal and made petitions with hundreds of names signed against these advertisements.

Tumblr gives users the opportunity to create their own website and post any form of media they please. Users are able to follow blogs and tags they that suit their interest in order to view it on their dashboard which is their main page where they see what they post and what others have posted. Tumblr gives users the opportunity to use html to edit their blogs, customize when a post is published, and organize post into categories for archival purposes. If a blog allows, users can submit to other blogs so the blogger can post their submissions to their blogs creating a great sense of community.

Within Tumblr, there are certain communities. For example, if you are interested in meta theatre, you can search for blogs and tags of similar interest and contribute, also you are able to explore outside of those limits just by using the search bar. Also, in order to maximize who sees your post, you can tag it and viewers who look up or follow that tag will see it. Most people who use Tumblr are from a younger generation and independent performing and visual artist. It gives people access to a wider variety of art. Organizations that use Tumblr give viewers more of a personable view of their organization. For example, Signature Theatre NYC uses tumblr to write about rehearsal progress, share insider videos and interviews, and pictures from behind the scenes. Art galleries such as the Philadelphia Museum of Art allows consumers to write questions that are thoroughly answered on the blog. Tumblr has also created a new agency called Creators to connect artist with advertisers-allows artist to gain a cult following but then bring their work into the real world and be a big success. Many business that are looking for Tumblr artist now have the opportunity to connect with them for advertising etc. Also creating a stronger sense of protecting the artist work.

Tumblr is rapidly increasing it’s presence in the business world and all organizations should definitely consider using it if it suits their mission. It is a great place to meet and be creative!

Finding A Niche

Finding A Niche

My info graphic exposes the importance of the internet to arts organizations. It goes on to explain that as art is becoming more accessible through technology and with that, more people are beginning to grow an interest in art. Instead of having a typical art market, more and more artist are able to be seen and people are able to buy individual pieces that relate to them.