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Classy Logo  is a fundraising software for non-profits. Arts organizations can use it to set up website donations, e-mails, crowdfunding, and event registration. Organizations can also allow individuals to set up peer-to-peer fundraising.

Once an account is set up and payment processing is established, organizations can start setting up fundraising campaigns right away. Everything can be set up through the online portal. The campaign look can be personalized and is automatically mobile-optimized. There is an extensive library of templates, articles, videos and other educational resources available online. Continue reading


How Are Arts Organizations Embracing Technology?

Americans spend over 10 hours a day on their devices, so it is essential for arts organizations to embrace online technology. Pew Research Center data shows that arts organizations are using digital tools—mostly websites and social media—to expand the way they interact with audiences to promote the arts. But despite the many benefits of these technologies, organizations struggle to find the funding and staff time to implement a comprehensive plan. The Pacific Northwest Ballet is an example of a group that successfully increased their teen and young adult audience with targeted social media and web content.

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