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My name is Olivia Cintron. I am graduating this spring with a major in sociology and a minor in arts management. I chose sociology because I want to become involved in the foster care agency, child protective services, or a program that serves at-risk or abused youth. I chose my minor since I am a dance teacher and have been involved in the arts most of my life. Someday I hope to combine my passions for helping children and teaching dance. I am interning with a organization called Dancing Classrooms, an in-school social emotional learning program that uses ballroom dance to foster life skills such as respect, teamwork, self-confidence, empathy and cultural awareness in fifth grade students.I work with the D.C. branch as a teacher's assistant in a public school and am help the director expand Dancing Classrooms' social media presence.Technology is a central aspect of our current society in all sectors, including the arts and I look forward to learning more about it this semester.

Jackrabbit Class

Young ballet students in tutus
Phill Warren. “Tutus in Motion.” 21 February 2020. Flickr

Jackrabbit class is an online database that is useful for any arts organization that offers classes. Class based businesses such as dance studios need to keep track of student enrollment, class rosters, attendance, parent contact information, tuition payments and staff time sheets. The Jackrabbit system allows businesses to keep all of this information in one place and allows you to set varying levels of access of administrative information to staff members. Pricing for this tool is determined by the number of students that your organization serves. Prices range between $45 per month for schools with enrollment up to 100 students and $155 per month for 501 – 1,000 students.

Once you decide to set up your online database you will have access to separate system views for administrators, staff, parents. One of the biggest assets of the Jackrabbit system is the ease of the enrollment through the parent portal. The enrollment format is similar to setting up an account for online shopping. It guides parents through entering their family’s info including phone numbers and emails, emergency contacts, medical and allergy alerts, and child’s birthdate. Once their account is set up they are given access to see the class schedule that your business offers. They are then able to click the classes they want their child to take and add them to their cart.

Parent view of classes offered
View of class schedule within the parent portal easily allows students to choose classes

The staff portal is also an important feature. The ability to track attendance and view class rosters is helpful for teachers. Staff get access to lists of their students with easy access to each child’s contact information. After setting up access to the staff portal on a mobile device, attendance can easily be entered. Should an emergency arise in class, a teacher can easily access a parent’s phone number without having to leave the classroom. As a dance teacher who works for a studio using Jackrabbit, being able to log attendance, contact parents, and fill out time sheets in one convenient location has made a big difference in streamlining my daily tasks. More success stories are highlighted on the Jackrabbit website along with more information as to what the program offers!

Staff view of student roster
Staff view of student roster allows easy access to parent info, access to email, and ability to mark attendance

Pros and Cons of Mobile Device Usage at Arts Performances

In an age where technology is infiltrating almost every aspect of society, it is almost impossible for arts organizations to exist without some form of digital strategy. The theater has remained a timeless space in many ways. For centuries people have gathered to view live entertainment of many different genres, however today there is one thing that makes present day theater goers vastly different than our predecessors, and that is cell phones. People are often quick to criticize the use of cell phones at performances, however, we must acknowledge that times change and consider the positive impacts that cell phones can have on making an arts organization’s show a success. After all, the best publicity is word of mouth and what could be better than the news of your event reaching thousands instantly through our beloved handheld devices?

How can arts organizations use social media to their advantage and should mobile device usage be embraced at art events or should use be more limited?