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Becky Bastien is a senior Film and Video Studies major, with minors in Arts Management and Multimedia. She has worked a lot with social media and promotional video and photography, as she has interned under the Marketing Director of the Gay Men's Chorus of Washington, DC, and for a small production company in London. After graduation she plans to participate in the Disney College Program, and hopes to eventually weasel her way into the world of arts marketing.

If This, Then That

“If This, Than That” (also known as “IFFFT”, or more simply “IF”) is a web-based and phone application meant to simplify and connect other apps, to create a personalized experience for the user. “IF” operates very simply. First, you choose a trigger channel (your “if”) and an action channel (your “then”). For instance, you may choose Instagram as your trigger channel and Twitter as your action channel and say “if I post to Instagram, share the post as a native photo on twitter”. What you would have just created is called a recipe, and thousands more exist already on “IF”. In fact, over 140 brand name companies have handed over their programming information to “IF”, making the recipe possibilities quite limitless. Better still, if a recipe you want does not already exist, you could tweak pre-existing ones to fit what you need, or create your own.

Example of an "IFTTT" recipe.
Example of an “IFTTT” recipe.

Put simply, “IF” is a workflow tool that does the work for you. And it could be an incredible time saver in the world of arts management. Automatically add an entry to a spreadsheet every time you receive a payment on Square. Sync up social media posts with just one click. Send event and meeting reminders to members of your team. Even set up automatic tweets when your organization is mentioned in an article. “IF” is very much a “set it and forget it” type of program; one click and your work is done.

Though not related specifically to the arts, these articles clearly convey all that “If This, Than That” can be used for:
The New York Times: