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Gallery interactive Using in Arts Museum

Information and details of the painting displayed on iPad
People use handheld devices to stand before paintings

The development technology over the past few years have brought the issue of how can technology enhance a visitor’s experience to forefront of the conversation. Nowadays, the application of handheld device in the museum is common thing for the audience. The use of handheld devices in museums has great potential, advantages including: variety of interpretation, engagement of visitors, outreach to new audiences, support for orientation and flexibility with content distribution.


Arts Organization and Social Media

Undoubtedly, the social network’s contribution to the art organization is enormous. Almost all art organizations have their own social media and periodically post information on social media to engage the audience. This infographic shows the impact of the use of social media on the arts organization. The first part shows what art organizations do with social media. The second chart shows the impact of social media on the arts organization. Finally, social media has many positive effects that can attract audience to art organizations. On the other hand, it can also have negative effects.

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