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Heeden: Fotor Review

Fotor is a free online website that can be used to make posters, postcards, Youtube channel art or a custom size. There are also hundreds of templates that can be used to help build designs. The tool is free for all users, but there are some templates, stickers, and backgrounds that require a premium membership. However, anyone can download their work as a PDF or a JPEG directly from the website onto their computer. All users are required to create a user login whether or not they decide to upgrade to the premium membership. Once you create a login, Fotor saves all of your designs and allows you to edit them at any time.

Arts organizations can use this to design posters and promotional materials for events and performances. The website allows you to layer photos and background and upload your own images to be used in the poster. The best part about this website is the ability for the user to download their poster as a PDF or JPEG for free. The user can also select the quality of the PDF they download. The Mason Symphony Orchestra often uses Fotor to make posters to promote their concerts.

Fotor can be compared to Venngage, however, free users of Venngage do not have the ability to download their work as a PDF or JPEG. However, Fotor does not have the same capabilities for creating infographics. It does not have the same capabilities to make and design graphs with data. Canva

Fotor Homepage” 1. March. 2018. Fotor.

and Fotor have very similar features, the main difference between the two comes down to user preference and what they are comfortable with. The two programs also have different templates available to the user.

Arts organizations can use this tool to edit and create marketing materials for their events and performances. Click here for some examples of designs created by Fotor members.


Teens and Arts Organizations (Info-graphic)

Arts organizations are constantly trying to expand their audiences in order to promote their performances and initiatives. Many arts organizations rely on the donations of older generations, but struggle to develop relationships with younger demographics. So how can Arts organizations reach this demographic in order to continue fulfilling their mission?

See the infographic!