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Google Drive

Google Drive Logo
Blunkswife. “Google Drive logo“, 15 July 2015. Flickr.

Google Drive is a file management tech tool that is widely used not only in arts organizations but also many other organizations. It is simple and easy to begin on all the practical functionalities. Arts organizations, especially small ones, prefer to use this tool because it can store some less important large files on web drive and share with a simple click for free. It is free to own 15GB storage room if you have registered. You can also pay for more storages. You can either use Google Drive on web or download app to manage files on desktops and portable devices, and they are all synchronized.

As we all know that large file cannot be sent by email, the biggest advantage for Google Drive is to store it and share it. Especially for arts organizations which would have a large amount of photos and videos to share. Among the family of the online drive, Google Drive is competitive because it has more users from the Google family, such as Gmail and YouTube. So you can easily access Google Drive if you have a Gmail account. Moreover, it supports more files than others.

I recently interned in an arts organization called DC Beauty of Beijing Opera. It is free to use Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides for them to do things that are usually done in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. For a small organization with a relatively low budget, they work at home. In this case, an efficient file sharing function is so important for them to ensure them to view photos, revise documents and contributes to data sheets.

Easy, Efficient and Free, let’s try Google Drive right now!!

Application Of Technology In Arts

My infographic compares the advantages and disadvantages of digital technology. As we can see from the recommended article (Arts Organizations and Digital Technologies), digital technologies, including website, social media and blogs, are highly praised by the author. However, everything has its own downside. Although the convenience of modern technology should be acknowledged, we still need to know its limitations and demerits to be able to fix and improve it. For digital technology, this infographic points 3 major problems, high cost of installation and upgrading, copyright infringement and privacy issues.

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