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Weibo is one of the biggest social media platform in China. Based on company’s first quarter results, Weibo has 340 million active users per month. About 154 million people use the site daily, 91% of whom access it via mobile. Weibo offers 5 different types of accounts for their users. Mostly, companies or arts organizations chose “Verified Company Account” as their account to advertise, which need some documents to prove which account they used in Weibo. For individual, people can apply account to watch Weibo world.


Weibo allows an organization to share photos, texts, videos (even live about their art works, exhibits, interviews), or others for their audience. (see Picture 1) If their audience likes it, they can write comments or repost. For example, when the audiences see the kind of videos and pictures they feel interesting. Then, they will share with heir friends. This kind of interaction actually makes our relation more closer. Also, One of good function for Weibo is Topic, which lets an organization make an interesting topic that is relate

d to some art exhibits or artists. The audience can put their opinion below this topic to discuss. If someone search this topic, it will make people see all of posts below this topic further and explore which organization organized this topic. If this topic is a controversial theme, it will attract more people engage discuss.

Moreover, hot topic will enter top topic area that make more audience to concentrate as well as make more people follow this organization. This platform can make organization show their personality, attract more audience engaging organization’s events. It also can share with audience about what things artists need to prepare behind an exhibit. 

Finally, no matter for business companies or nonprofit organizations, Weibo is a good marketing tool. Art organizations can put their artworks, the information of exhibitions, or performances on Weibo, which make audience know the latest information. Also, art organizations can publish their promote code on Weibo, which the audience not only can watch perfect performance but also can save money.

Figure 2, The Weibo account of The Metropolitan Museum of Ar, National Museum of China, and M Woods Museum

The example of art organizations using Weibo as their social media is The Metropolitan Museum of Ar, National Museum of China, and M Woods Museum. (See Figure 2) When these organization had exhibits or events, they published on the Weibo to make more audiences know and engage. Audiences can through Weibo to get latest news about organizations.  For example, M Woods Museum published a latest art exhibit about an American artsit Paul McCarthy. Under this post, over 175 audiences submit their opinion about this new exhibit. (See Figure 3)

Figure 3, left picture show the content of M Woods Museum published. Right picture show the audiences’ opinion.

In conclusion, Weibo is good for art managers using management art organizations because managers can send text, photos, videos any time any where without sitting in front of  the computer. Furthermore, Weibo own quite powerful interactive function.  Therefore, art managers need to pay attention on Weibo and master the using rules of Weibo to reach more potential audience.


Social Media in Arts

With the development of technology and science, our life was impacted by social media. Arts organization need to follow steps of the times which means they need to use social media to attract audience not only focus on traditional marketing mode. In my infograpghic, I introduce the importance of social media for arts organization, what social media arts organization use, what activities they can do on the social media to attract audience. Based on these aspects, I found 68% arts organization thought social media is not applicable for their work even art products. However, the study showed that arts organization using social media can attract at least doubled audience to attend arts activities. I hope some arts organization which do not using social media can get idea and using technology to run their organization because it can save more time and get more interaction with audience. Also, it is convenient for audience to appreciate art works or to attend arts activities.

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