SignUpGenius is an online service where people can sign up to do things. For arts organizations, they can use this technology tool for volunteers to sign up, and also for duties for a fundraising event. When a performing arts organization such as ballet school, they can use this to sign up for what kind of food they were bringing to the monthly breakfast.

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  •  Different types of articles can be published by arts organization.

 Publication Events Type屏幕快照 2018-03-02 下午12.04.09.png

  • Clearly indicates the type of event to be published.

Arts organization can put the social event on SignUpGenius home page. For example, on SignUpGenius home page there have Resources& Tips, Blog, and Collect Money. Art organizations can depend on different recruit requires putting the article on it. Of course, art organizations can use this tool to recruit volunteers. When people see these requirements for themselves, they will contact the art organization based on the information left by the organization. I have a friend who works at Fairfax Choral Society. During our interview, she said that they use SignUpGenius to find volunteers; it accessible and useful.

An example of use SignUpGenius to get the benefit of art organization, which is Stanford University used SignUpGenius helps Stanford University Museum raise $250,000. According to the web, Volunteer Ticket Sales Chair Janet Tang said recruiting Year-after-year can be a challenge, but she was familiar with the technology, and the SignUpGenius gave her good feedback.



Virtual Reality in Museums

Over the last decade virtual reality has become increasingly popular. Virtual reality is mostly used in the modern age for visual graphics and video game design

People using virtual reality headsets in an open space at the museum. This is allowing new insight to the exhibits and allowing the patrons to be involved with the art around them.
Melanie Joly. VR and AR in Museums. 2016, May 11. VR Life News.

companies and they are constantly enhancing it to give people a much richer experience. It is a tool that allows people to be immersed in a world that is not the one they live in. To make VR possible there are some specific tools needed which include visual and audio designs, this is developed the same way animation or video games are created. This is processed through a headset which act like a thick pair of goggles, there are some replacements for this like the PC itself, or mobile applications. The only downside to that is the lack of “in world” living you get from the headset. The headphones which process the audio are also vital. The finally piece of the VR puzzle is the handset controllers, this is an optional piece as well, and may vary based on how the virtual reality is being used. VR uses state of the art 360 degree projections and visual aids to create a digital world for the user.

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Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor (CM) is an online HTML email marketing tool to turn customers into loyal customers by personalized email campaigns and automated customer journeys. It helps drive real, bottom line, business results. As an easy-to-use tool, CM allows their customers to create, send, and track advertising or fundraising emails to their customers. Unlike other majority email marketing tools, the pricing of CM is reasonable and flexible. There is no registration fee. Any company can get started for free if the company send emails to no more than 5 clients. You can choose one of four plans right for your company. It will depend on how many clients that you will send to. If you send emails to a large of number customers frequently, only need $29 you can send unlimited emails and can use other additional features. You also can manage your emails online and download Campaign Monitor Application for monitoring your clients.

     The view of Campaign Monitor's home page
The view of Campaign Monitor’s home page. Screenshot by Yuhan Zhang, March 8, 2018


You won’t want to miss it. The first impressive thing is the simple process of sending your email. You can just follow the Campaign Monitor Website to set subject line, campaign title, and the email addresses of senders and receivers. Another thing is that CM prevents your emails from getting trapped behind firewalls or spam filters if the campaign emails are sent from a paid email address. The last impressive thing is that every sender can get the “Google Analytics” style-report to track your clients’ response and have a clear interaction and prompt campaign feedback.  Up to now, lots of organizations have benefited from Campaign Monitor. For instance, the one of the largest performing arts organization, Broadway, send weekly news to their biggest fans and subscribers by CM.  Campaign Monitor has been increased ticket sales and built loyal audiences with email marketing for the Broadway. Every subscriber can know what is hot on the Broadway and can start their Broadway experience from a musical to Tony Awards.

The case of Broadway in CM
The case of Broadway in CM. Screenshot by Yuhan Zhang, March 8, 2018
      An example of the weekly newsletter
An example of the weekly newsletter. Screenshot by Yuhan Zhang, March 8, 2018
The view of biggest events' announcement
The view of biggest events’ announcement. Screenshot by Yuhan Zhang, March 8, 2018




Video sharing
Video sharing website

Vimeo is a video sharing platform that was established by a group of filmmakers, but has become a much larger space for artists to create and observe work. Although there are many video platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo is geared towards all artists such as filmmakers, animation, music and several other artistic creators as a way for them to promote their work as well as view other works. Since the work presented is mainly professional, there is a stronger community of people that appreciate and pay attention to the content on the website, making it handy for arts organizations.

Vimeo offers features such as Enhancer, Video School, Music Store, Creative Commons Videos, and Tip Jar. Enhancer is a tool on Vimeo that will help you add a music track from its music catalog to any of your videos, and several can be used free of charge. Video School is a feature that is completely devoted to showing its users tutorials and lessons on how to create and perfect their content, whether you plan on being a professional film maker or not. The music store, which is readily available and abundant, allows users to browse through several music tracks available that can be used with the Enhancer tool to create better sound quality for your video. After all, nothing captures a viewer than a proper song choice. Creative Commons Videos is a section for specific users’ videos to be licensed, meaning you must go through them if you wish to use their content, which allows for networking as well as financial support.

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Heeden: Fotor Review

Fotor is a free online website that can be used to make posters, postcards, Youtube channel art or a custom size. There are also hundreds of templates that can be used to help build designs. The tool is free for all users, but there are some templates, stickers, and backgrounds that require a premium membership. However, anyone can download their work as a PDF or a JPEG directly from the website onto their computer. All users are required to create a user login whether or not they decide to upgrade to the premium membership. Once you create a login, Fotor saves all of your designs and allows you to edit them at any time.

Arts organizations can use this to design posters and promotional materials for events and performances. The website allows you to layer photos and background and upload your own images to be used in the poster. The best part about this website is the ability for the user to download their poster as a PDF or JPEG for free. The user can also select the quality of the PDF they download. The Mason Symphony Orchestra often uses Fotor to make posters to promote their concerts.

Fotor can be compared to Venngage, however, free users of Venngage do not have the ability to download their work as a PDF or JPEG. However, Fotor does not have the same capabilities for creating infographics. It does not have the same capabilities to make and design graphs with data. Canva

Fotor Homepage” 1. March. 2018. Fotor.

and Fotor have very similar features, the main difference between the two comes down to user preference and what they are comfortable with. The two programs also have different templates available to the user.

Arts organizations can use this tool to edit and create marketing materials for their events and performances. Click here for some examples of designs created by Fotor members.




Twitch is a live streaming tool, whether you are watching or streaming, it is anywhere, anytime. The digital broadcast that is worldwide is the most useful thing about this tool for an arts organization, which can be viewed directly through their website or the Twitch app which is available for many devices such as iOS and Android devices, Xbox 360 and Xbox One video game consoles, Sony’s PlayStation 3 and 4, Amazon Fire TV, Google Chrome Cast and more.


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ArtStack is a free social network for artists and people who are interested in art. It is also an art trading platform for people to discover, collect, share and purchase art. It seems like Pinterest, but more exclusively for visual art. ArtStack is available on a responsive website or through their app.

Homepage of ArtStack
This is the homepage of ArtStack. The page has a name called My Feed.

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Classy Logo  is a fundraising software for non-profits. Arts organizations can use it to set up website donations, e-mails, crowdfunding, and event registration. Organizations can also allow individuals to set up peer-to-peer fundraising.

Once an account is set up and payment processing is established, organizations can start setting up fundraising campaigns right away. Everything can be set up through the online portal. The campaign look can be personalized and is automatically mobile-optimized. There is an extensive library of templates, articles, videos and other educational resources available online. Continue reading


Slack is a high-functioning communication service. This service is free, but it operates as if it isn’t because it comes with so many features that allow you to optimize communication within your organization. You can access this service online by their website or in your app store. This tool is very useful to an arts organization because discussions/discussion topics are able to be separated and organized in a sections called Channels, and it provides you with the ability have open discussions in each of these channels. If you want to direct message someone, you can do that as well or you can make a group message! What makes this unique is the many ways you can customize and add different apps. You can add apps like Twitter, Dropbox, and Google calendar and drive. Having your files and/or events synced to this service makes your communication even more efficient. Now, customize your notifications to only be at certain times, appear on your desktop, for you to be notified if a certain word is mentioned in a post.

I am a part-time tech intern for Christ Chapel Media Ministry in Woodbridge, Virginia. We use Slack for intercommunication. Information such as monthly trainings are discussed, as well as call times, productions schedules, and attendance. It definitely makes communication smoother (especially with the help of the direct messaging and virtually instant notifications). Since we are working with staff, volunteers, and students; and with files, PDFs, and other sheets – emailing may suffice, but it would not be optimal.

It is important for the arts to be able to be organized and communicate efficiently because of our fast-paced, time-crunching environment. I believe Slack is a useful tool for arts organizations be able to execute communication properly.

"Welcome to Slack" screen
Gustavo da Cunha Pimenta “Slack” 17 January 2015. Flickr.