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Public Participation in the Arts Through Electronic or Digital Media

This infographic is about the public participation in the arts through electronic or digital media. According to the survey, there are some main categories (types of art) that people using electronic to participate in. in addition, the National Endowment for the Arts also gives the data of 2017. Such comparison shows that the percentage of people using technology to participate in arts is increasing.

Arts Participation with Technology

As technology continues to advance worldwide, adults are utilizing these new advancements to experience art in ways that were unimaginable 30 years ago. With help from the internet, social media and various handheld and wireless devices, art lovers now have an unlimited amount of access to their artistic passions. The data included in the following infographic is from a survey hosted by the National Endowment for the Arts in 2008. The survey’s focus was on public participation in the arts and included responses from over 18,000 adults regarding their art activities on a yearly basis.


ArtStack is a free social network for artists and people who are interested in art. It is also an art trading platform for people to discover, collect, share and purchase art. It seems like Pinterest, but more exclusively for visual art. ArtStack is available on a responsive website or through their app.

Homepage of ArtStack
This is the homepage of ArtStack. The page has a name called My Feed.

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Social Media Engagement

Social media engagement is important to people attending real live events in nonprofit organizations. According to the article Arts Organizations and Digital Technologies, the author shows an interesting thing that adults who connect to arts and cultural organizations through social media are more likely to attend events and exhibits than those who do not. (Thomson, 2013) Additionally, the article of Organizational Use of Social Media to Establish Trust supported this idea. It shows that social media offers a sense of trust to people via interacting with organizations. Therefore, the result suggests the organization values the relationship. (Sean D. Gibson, 2015)

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