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SoundCite is a program created by Tyler Fisher and Jeremy Gilbert out of Northwestern University.  It is a program that allows audio files to be attached to text in online news articles and websites.  This is a free, online program that is very simple to use and works using online sources like SoundCloud; as well as sources that are already stored on your computer either as MP3 files or as Ogg files.  It is also very user friendly, and requires little to no knowledge of code to use.  This is a completely unique program, no other programs attach audio files to text in this way (not to mention it is free), and offers a wide array of possibilities for arts organizations to utilize its features.

Image of the SoundCite logoNorthwestern University. “Soundcite.”  2013. Knightlab.

Online news articles are currently the sources that are utilizing this technology the most, and they are using it in a variety of ways.  With this Washington Post article, SoundCite is used to play a line from a song, and it is directly embedded in the text of the lyrics.  Another example of a journalistic organization using this technology is this  Pro Publica Article but in this case it is used to recite audio clips from testimonials given from people being interviewed.  Arts Organizations are not currently utilizing this technology but the potential for using it and the effect would definitely be positive.  It could be used on museum websites to play music from a time period of a piece of art; or it could be used at museum websites dedicated to specific people that could play sound files of speeches or other notable sounds from the time period.  Musicians could use this to have audio of their playing in their biography for a more streamlined website. For example, if they wanted to post an audio file of their percussion ensemble music, they could do so with this online application.