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Social Tables: A Time Saver for Event Planers

Social Tables (https://www.socialtables.com) is an online graphic design tool for event planners which established in 2006 and based in Washington, DC. The purpose is to make event plans and helps planners and professional event coordinators to work more easily and efficiently.

Although social Tables needs to freely sign up online, they provide three levels of pricing plans which are free for essential users, $99 a month for professional users, and $399 a month for advanced users. The fabulous tool for advanced planers is 3D rendering which can review in 3D version and set up a walk-through beginning and ending at the main entrance.
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Download An Arts Organization?

The info-graphic presented is an introduction to how arts organizations are taking advantage of the ever-growing social media market. Specifically, it focuses on the use of mobile devices and how those are used to create a more inclusive environment for all generations of arts organization visitors. The numbers don’t lie. So many people from all demographics and walks of life are social media active and will use their phones to access this social media. What organizations like museums, theaters, galleries, and concert halls are doing are doing is creating different ways for their content to be viewed and see that people are constantly using these apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat so they are taking advantage of those booming media markets.  Continue reading Download An Arts Organization?

Non-Profit Arts & Economy


Kelsey Johnson

February 10, 2017


This infographic explores the impact that non-profit arts events have on the local community. Despite the NEA only having a sliver of the federal budget, for every one dollar granted, ten dollars is raised through sustained income. Not only do the arts boost community involvement and preserve culture, but the non-profit sector itself fuels a $135 Billion dollar industry, generates $22 Billion in government revenue and 4.1 million full-time jobs.