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The Impact of Social Media on the Arts

Social Media is a growing and necessary part of the arts world. Much of advertising for arts events is done through social media. It is accessible, user friendly, and reaches a wide and diverse range of people which is why it has become an integral part of the arts. Social media, in all of its wonder, does bring some drawbacks to the table. The increased use of technology and social media during performances has become disruptive, leading to a less immersive experience. With free access to knowledge provided by the internet an expectation has developed that art, especially advertised or provided through the internet, should be free. With its benefits and drawbacks, social media is still a valuable tool and will most likely become even more beneficial to the arts as time passes.


This image shows the layout of the dashboard on the Eventbrite Neon mobile app.
“Eventbrite Neon”. http://www.eventbrite.com/l/neon. Accessed 16 April 2015.

Eventbrite is an online portal for promoting events and selling tickets. The affordability, accessibility, and integrative approach of Eventbrite all make it a worthwhile technological tool for a variety of arts organizations. The Eventbrite tool set is intended for expanding a marketplace of live experiences, not just events, suggesting an an arts-inspired business sensibility.

Eventbrite is a comparatively affordable ticketing option. Event hosts are charged 2.5% (2.0% for 501(c)(3) non-profits) of the ticket price plus 99 cents per ticket sold, but for a limited time there is no fee when selling through the Neon app. There is no fee for distributing tickets for free events, although credit card purchases have a 3% surcharge. The free event option is a great way for arts organizations to legitimize and publicize events that they are not able to charge admission for. A great example is the Art League in Alexandria, Virginia, which uses Eventbrite to advertise its free painting demonstrations. Public entities like the Seattle Office of Art & Culture can use Eventbrite to do the same, for informative networking sessions like ARTISTS UP.

Eventbrite’s best feature is its integrative approach to event planning. Events can be published to major social networks directly from the Eventbrite site. Eventbrite also offers a free mobile app called Neon that assists with ticket sales, check-in, and seating on the day of the event. A credit card gadget for a mobile device can also be purchased for a small fee. Such an integrated and user-friendly system is extremely helpful to arts organizations that may not have the resources to work with a more costly and sophisticated system.  Eventbrite gives organizations that are not event-centric the opportunity to still produce events on a professional level. The Art League is able to sell tickets to annual fundraisers like “Art on the Rocks”.